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Access to Discoverer Finance and HR reports will be removed on December 21, 2016 as reports are available in MicroStrategy. Access to MicroStrategy is available at:

> Discoverer Viewer

> Discoverer Plus

If you are a first time Windows user to the Discoverer 11g Plus Interface, please read the Sun's Java Runtime Environment (JRE) Instructions then download and install the JRE software. This software is required for you to be able to login to Discoverer 11g Plus.


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Discoverer to MicroStrategy transition
To fulfill Mason's growing need for strategic and analytic information, MicroStrategy has been selected as our new business intelligence tool to replace the downgraded Oracle Discoverer tool. Report migration is currently in progress. Additional information regarding the MicroStrategy Migration can be found by clicking HERE

Discoverer ListServ
To sign up for the Discoverer ListServ which keeps you posted on refresh problems, upgrade news, etc. simply send an email to with the following text in the body of of the email: SUBSCRIBE DATAMART-L firstname lastname. A subject line is not needed and can be left blank.
Example: John Doe would send "SUBSCRIBE DATAMART-L John Doe".


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11g Test Servers: Viewer / Plus

Technical Assistance:

Note: For Discoverer Password Resets go to and reset your password. If you encounter difficulties, contact the ITU Support Center at (703)993-8870 or send email to ITU Support Center at Remember to provide your User ID and the Database Instance that you are attempting access; EDWP or RPRT, etc.

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